Staff Profiles

John A. Coleman, CPA

With over 30 years of direct client experience, John leads the firm with an expertise that extends far beyond preparing tax returns and financial statements (though he thoroughly enjoys preparing them). Details are John’s true specialty and it shows in his leadership. He can often be found working with clients and staff to further demystify the technical aspects of their taxes. To John, innovation is the key to improving business profitability while minimizing tax liability. As a member of HCAA, he has intensively focused on medical practices, successfully helping many local physicians and other practitioners. With prior experience in the farming industry, he also holds a special place in his heart for agriculture. The same holds true for many other sectors that make up the local economy. Along with his CPA certification, John proudly holds a Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. He has also completed additional graduate work in business and accounting at Idaho State University.

Leslie Lopes, CPA             

Bringing over 20 years of tax and accounting experience, Leslie knows the value of tax research and problem-solving to reduce tax liability. In a broader sense, she enjoys solving complex challenges ranging from tax preparation and planning to financial statements, but most specifically, she loves tax returns because she sees them as a mini project or puzzle to solve. Working in partnership with her clients year-round naturally fosters valuable relationships that aid in optimizing each business’s maximum profitability. Her experience is diverse, and her current portfolio includes construction companies, farm operations, medical and dental practices, and real estate developers, to name a few. Her expertise is backed by a Bachelor of Business Administration- Accountancy degree and a Master’s of Science Accountancy/Taxation degree, both from Boise State University.

David E Coleman, CPA

With over eight years of combined finance industry and business/tax advising experience, David’s ability to see the big picture and take a business to the next level is his greatest asset. ‘Thinking outside of the box’ is not simply a catch-phrase for David, it is his calling, and he works alongside both new and growing businesses to immediately and strategically put systems in place for their financial success. Watching a business take off after setting them up for success with detailed preparation is where the finer details like reducing a tax bill and maximizing profitability really pay off. Staying up to date with (and many times ahead of) the latest technology is another professional strength and personal interest. David has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Brigham Young University, Idaho.

Rebecca Williams, CPA

For 15 years, Rebecca has been providing accounting services integral to the success of businesses both big and small. With experience serving many industries, her true expertise lies within her ability to handle financial complexity for the clients she serves. With both strategic focus and innate creativity, new solutions are often found, much to the appreciation of both her clients and the firm. Details are also her forte, and she emphasizes the importance of considering even the small decisions in order to avoid an unintentional impact on taxes. Rebecca holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Utah State University.

Darlene Brackman – Administrative Assistant/ Bookkeeper

For the past seven years, Darlene has eased the stress of payroll and other administrative functions for a variety of clients across a spectrum of industries. Bringing a background of administrative experience and educational courses that cultivated a well-rounded understanding of best business and financial practices, she enjoys serving clients, even if she only gets to interact with them once per year. Her dedication to her clients is recognized by both them and the members of this staff.